Our Founder
Mehmet Naci Aköz, who devoted his life to kites and chaired the Istanbul kite Fliers Association, established the first and only Kite Museum of Turkey in 2005 with the kite collection he collected since 1986.
The Kite Museum
One of Turkey's only and one of the 18 kite museums of the world is in Üsküdar. With a kite collection of over 2500 pieces collected from 6 continents and 33 countries, activities at the kite Museum of Üsküdar Municipality Mehmet Naci Aköz are being implemented within the framework of “Child Friendly Museum” and “Museum Education” projects.
The Kite School
It consists of kite workshops where visitors of all ages can participate and, if necessary, can fly by giving support to kite instructors. Kite School is a place where students can learn 50 kite models belonging to Turkish culture by considering their age and skill levels.

Please do not forget to get appointment for Kite Museum Visit and Workshop.

History of Kite

  • B.C 1500 – It is debated where kite appeared first time. According to historians’ opinion, first place of kite might be China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South Pacific Islands.
  • B.C 500 –  In B.C 5th century, Kungshu Pan who could make a kite shaped like bird and fly for three days, and Mo Zi who had tried making a kite for three years are famous in Chinese stories.
  • B.C 400 – Greek Archytas made wooden kite which shaped like swan and flew it successfully. This is the oldest record in Europe archive but it is still debated was it kite or not.
  • B.C 206 – General Han Xin used kite for measure the distance of his army and ramparts of city which they surrounded. Owing to this calculation, he determined how many metre tunnels they need digging.
  • B.C 202 – Emperor Huan Teng used kite during the war and distracted enemy army.
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History of Kite
What are the recent developments?


5 kites, 4 magazines, 9 kite accessories


48 kites, 19 magazines, 13 festival posters


67 kites, 3 books, 10 magazines, 16 festival posters, 37 kite accessories

Sri Lanka

3 kites, 24 kite accessories


12 kites, 6 books, 9 kite accessories


6 kites, 2 magazines


3 magazines


3 kites, 8 kite accessories


5 kites, 12 kite accessories


5 kites


26 kites


184 kites, 56 books, 25 kite accessories, 127 MNA awards, 24 documents/letters, 34 years press archive (more than 1000 documents/news), 12 years visitor notebook (12 volumes), kite history (written, illustrated, and picured)


163 kites, 6 books, 4 magazines, 4 festival posters, 28 kite accessories


17 kites, 5 books, 69 magazines, 48 kite accessories

South Korea

18 kites, 2 books, 3 magazines, 17 kite accessories


14 kites, 2 books, 22 kite accessories

New Zeland

3 kites, 14 kite accessories


13 kites, 3 magazines, 48 kite accessories


6 kites, 18 kite accessories


9 kites, 5 books, 8 magazines, 13 kite accessories


1 kite accessories


144 kites, 5 books, 12 magazines, 76 kite accessories


13 kites, 27 kite accessories


32 kites, 9 books, 13 magazines, 93 kite accessories


6 kites, 5 magazines, 20 kite accessories

South Africa

3 kites, 2 books, 15 kite accessories


2 kites, 11 kite accessories


3 kites


6 kites, 8 magazines, 21 kite accessories


11 kites, 8 kite accessories


9 kites

North Korea

3 kites, 2 kite accessories

School Pictures

You can find all the photographs of the schools visiting our museum in our archive.

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